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THE story.

Hi all!      I still haven’t shared THE story with you guys.  First of all let me just say that I literally CANNOT be more excited to marry Kiel.  Three weeks away from him and a lot of self-confidence … Continue reading

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Up in Uppsala!

Guys.  I kinda can’t believe it.  I’ve been in Sweden for A WEEK!  I have been without a single familiar face for A WEEK!  I haven’t had sushi go-round from down the street from my apartment for A WEEK!  And … Continue reading

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Bikes, archipelago, royalty

I am writing from the living room of my second airbnb.  From the couch eight floors up I can see all of Stockholm.  The photos you will see were all taken yesterday (Sept 8).  I managed to accidentally sneak on … Continue reading

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Hej from Stockholm!

So it’s been four days since I arrived in Stockholm. This is the first day that I have not been running around like a wild woman trying to squeeze every dime out of my Stockholm card. I’ve gone to more … Continue reading

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Checking in on the last three years…

This morning I spent 35 minutes trying to remember how to log on to WordPress to write on my blog.  As it turns out, I have four Gmail accounts — and had forgotten how to log onto three of them. … Continue reading

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Not Accountable.

There are lots of people out there that keep track of their lives on a blog because it holds them accountable for the promises they make in the public eye. Wanna eat better? Start a food blog where you incessantly … Continue reading

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Noteworthy November

This weekend: Saturday afternoon – Kiel and I very unexpectedly joined in on an anti-austerity march. Kiel literally pulled me off of the train on the way to another destination because he was intrigued. It was very Portland. I carried … Continue reading

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