THE Portland Pollyanna


In August of 2010 I moved to Portland, Oregon from Indiana.  I started this blog at that time and coined myself “Portland Pollyanna” because I spent all of my time getting lost and being confused.  Portland might as well have been Tokyo (biggest city in the world– just looked it up).  Five years have passed and I can honestly say that I’m not a pollyanna anymore.  If you want to get somehwere in Portland, I can tell ya how to get there– no problem!  But Portland Pollyanna will remain this blog’s name because it gives me the warm fuzzies to think of those early days.  

I have a very deep love for Portland.  The people, the biking, the beer, the bridges, the parks!  It’s all a hoot and a half!  Some of you are about to leave this blog right now and never come back after I say what I’m about to say.  You might even barf, but, my move to Portland and my life here has enriched me so much.  I’m twice the woman I was when I stepped off that uhaul.  Are you still with me? 

This blog is about my life in and out of Portland.  Disclaimer: hyperbole is my favorite. 



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