Not Accountable.

There are lots of people out there that keep track of their lives on a blog because it holds them accountable for the promises they make in the public eye. Wanna eat better? Start a food blog where you incessantly track your every boring bite! Wanna lose a few? Start a fitness blog… because everyone wants to know exactly how far you ran and how many calories your Garmin told you that you burned! I wrote my last blog post thinking that if I told everyone that I was going to sent a bunch of mail out in the month of November it would surely happen. I’ve gotten as far as purchasing really weird stationary to send out and placing my last four stamps on four random envelopes. That’s it, folks. I CANNOT and WILL NOT be held accountable, as I really don’t care either way. I’m here to say that there will be no more promises on this here blog. I suck at sending mail. It’s my thing. If I should get around to sending out any one of those four stamped envelopes, there’s a good chance it will arrive in your mailbox with nothing in it. Seriously. I tried. My apologies to anyone who waited with bated breath for the arrival of my promised mail. You can go back inside now. It must have been cold out on the porch all this time.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about life since we last met. We had an election. How bout that!? I sat in the same seat for six straight hours at the Bagdad Theater watching white haired men touch magic computer screens and shuffle numbers until my eyes crossed. A few beers and roughly 503 cajun tater tots later and we had ourselves the same president as before!

I gave thanks for the past four days. This thanks giving came in the form of not leaving the house for three days, completing three puzzles in my abundant free time, watching “Lord of the Rings” in my pajamas, eating around the clock, playing pinball, brewing beer, and eating some more. Kiel and I spent our weekend on Vashon Island with his parents. Being trapped on an island turned out to be just what I needed after several long weeks of complete classroom chaos. I was so relaxed that I could have been hit by a car and my limp and lifeless couch potato body would have survived. Is that a weird way to explain it? I was just super relaxed. Ok?

Various Thanksgiving photos:


The Johnson men conquer beer. (Verne, Kiel, and Toby)


Kiel and I pose in front of a cage at the ferry. A moment to remember.


A festive photo of the rotting insides of a pumpkin taken by one of my little cherubs.

Things to be happy about:

– I leave for The Netherlands in 30 days! Got a question for ya… do you have the capitalize the “the” in “The Netherlands”?

– I have a brand new puzzle sittin’ next to me.

– I have weird new stationary.

– My students were super calm today.

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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