Another Convert

“Portland is a cesspool of a city. Voodoo Doughnut is its only redeeming quality.”
– Matthew Laudermilk, 2010.

My family hasn’t always been thrilled about Portland. While visiting for the first time, my brother had an unfortunate run in with a toothless homeless gal and, for two years, he was haunted by her image.

Fast forward to summer 2012 to find my brother publicly hugging a stinky hippie holding a cardboard sign with the words “free hugs” scribbled on it.

What changed his mind you ask? Well, getting folks to love Portland a simple, but you must remember this formula:

beautiful natural destinations + well thought out food and beverage choices + my very enthusiastic

and welcoming friends and boyfriend + people watching + a little bit of spontaneity along with

some well defined plans = a undeniable new love for the previously foreign city known as Portland.

This past weekend my mom flew in from Indiana to visit me. Not only was it my birthday, making the visit extra super special, but it was my mom’s FIRST TIME visiting Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Now, Linda had never come out and stated explicitly that she had reservations about Portland, but, with how popular culture portrays Portland, I knew that she was probably nervous. She probably thought that we would be doing yoga every morning, walking around from one tofu restaurant to another without any shoes on throughout the afternoon, and protesting fluoridated water by night. Honestly, most of the stereotypes that you see on “Portlandia” are completely true, so I wouldn’t have blamed her for being scared. I’m not sure that I convinced her that Portland is “normal”, in fact, when I asked her what she thought overall, her response was, “it sure is different.” Fair enough. With that said, she seemed to have a great time and everyone over in these parts had a great time meeting and spending time with her! We all hope she comes back real soon!

Matt + Linda = two converts. Success.








Things to be happy about:

– remaining perfectly calm during a very eventful day at work today.

– the beautiful fall colored streets that I ride on during my afternoon commute.

– watching my students giggle, jump, and scream while watching our homemade volcano (courtesy of my fantastic classroom assistant) erupt.

– pumpkin beer.

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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One Response to Another Convert

  1. Portland is either a really easy sell or a super difficult one. I don’t think I have met many people who have had neutral feelings on Portland.

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