Family Tale: TiVo.

In January 1999, TiVo, one of the first digital recording systems on the market, was introduced.  Linda Laudermilk was first in line.

I have great memories of  seeing my mom blur past my bedroom door, literally sprinting to her bedroom and yelling about how she had forgotten to tape “Sisters”… or was it “Touched by an Angel”?  We had blank VHS tapes stacked to the ceilings.  My mom and her sisters would pass around their tape titled “Days of our Lives” like it was a rare treasure.  Phone conversations would end with “Ya, I just watched it.  I’ll bring you the tape tomorrow.”

What a primitive world we lived in.

The moment TiVo was fully set up, we all took a moment to think of shows that we wanted to get “season passes” for.  A season pass told TiVo to record a certain show every time it was on.  I requested “Friends” without a thought. Duh.  I believe my dad suggested “Frasier”. Zzzzzzz.  While my mom drafted her list, my brother grabbed the remote and chose his “season pass”.

Lifetime’s Original Movie: Fifteen and Pregnant.

Being completely new to TiVo, nobody in the house new how to delete a season pass… except for my brother.

This joke went on way too long, and, at the end of about two years, “Fifteen and Pregnant” had been recorded hundreds of times.

The TiVo was put out of its misery just last year.  Prior to its death, my mom had figured out how to end the “Fifteen and Pregnant” madness to make room for hours of “American Idol” performances circa 2002.  I have visions of Justin Guarini thrusting his hips and wiggling is rubber band legs to “For Once in My Life” that are seared into my brain.  They will be there until the day that I die.

Mom, I know you’ve been lost without your Justin Guarini clips.  If you haven’t heard, the internet is filled with resources…

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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3 Responses to Family Tale: TiVo.

  1. mom says:

    First of all…I never watched “Days of Our lives” it was “All My Children” and “General Hospital”! “Sisters”, yes, “Touched by an Angel”, never. You forgot to mention the time I called matt…in California, crying because my TiVo wasn’t working and it was the finale of that seasons Survivor. He got it working over the phone! You also forgot I had a season pass of “I Love Lucy” which was on about 20 times a day on various channels.

    Well, now it’s on to my DVR…season passes for “Dr. Phil” and all the various “Real Housewives”. I got the new HD Flat Screen on December 4, 2010. The next day I shattered my shoulder and boy was I glad to have the new stuff for the three months of recuperation! And guess what…I still have a season pass for “I Love Lucy”…what a classic! The TiVo is still in the house complete with those old AI tapes of Justin Guarini…I still can’t figure out why he never made it big!

  2. You know what, as much as I made fun of Justin Guarini, I found myself asking the very same question today! He was QUITE the entertainer!

  3. You should really get a season pass for “The Nanny”… it’s hardly ever on.

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