Redwood National Forest

Bucket List:

– seeing the northern lights

– seeing a whale (a big one)

– travel Europe

– travel Asia

– see the Grand Canyon

see the Redwoods

I can now say that I’ve crossed something off of my bucket list.  This past week David and I traveled down the Oregon coast into California to camp in Redwood National Forest.  I have been mesmerized by the Redwoods for quite some time and therefore couldn’t believe that I now live close enough to DRIVE to them!

David doesn’t get a lot of time off of school and work, so it was a real treat to have him all to myself for three whole days.  Though we bickered over the correct way to put our new tent up, we had a wonderful time.  I will forever consider David a true gentleman after he offered to walk me to the bathroom at 2AM so that a bear wouldn’t eat me.

We saw hundreds of miles of the Pacific Ocean, saw unbelievably massive trees that I’ll never forget, found a secluded beach and watched a pack of dolphins catch dinner, ate a seafood feast, and watched seals bask in the afternoon sun.  David also fashioned a new hand out of a rotting crab claw.  GREAT times!

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna


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