When I go, Bury me in a Coffin Filled with Doughnuts.

Seriously.  A coffin full of doughnuts.

I’ll explain later…

Last night was one of those nights with friends that makes you almost feel sad afterwards because you know you could never recreate a night exactly like it ever again.  The drinks were just right, doughnuts were ingested, and there was a beer bottle blowin’ concert near night’s end.

We kicked things off at happy hour

Tori told us about how her now fiance took her to his room when they were sixteen to show her his snake.

A REAL SNAKE!  Get your minds out of the gutter people!

We were all on the edge of our seats.

 Caitlin’s friend Ken was visiting from out of town.  It seemed only fitting that we take him to the establishment that my brother suggests is “the only redeeming thing about that hippie cesspool of a city” – Voodoo Doughnut!

I love Voodoo Doughnut so much that I used my laundry quarters to purchase my doughnut. That’s love.  Laundry quarters are SACRED.

We waited in line for a long…


 long time.

Some grew weak and left…

and some played pinball to pass the time. I wonder where she got those quarters…

Tori and I got in an argument about who would have a coffin full of doughnuts at her wedding.  I think Tori wins, since she’s engaged.  I’m not sure why we were so convinced that this coffin was meant for weddings… now that I’m looking at it, you can have a coffin filled with doughnuts for virtually ANY occasion.  Birthdays on October 4th, for instance..

As if a bunch of doughnuts weren’t enough, we ventured over to Tori and Sarah’s house where we had a lot of fun with marshmallows.

We turned microwaving marshmallows into a spectator sport.

Oh.. and Sarah played the harmonica while Calvin and Jenn played their beer bottles.

As I type, someone is playing the harmonica somewhere outside my apartment… strange.

It was a fun night.  A fun night indeed.

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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2 Responses to When I go, Bury me in a Coffin Filled with Doughnuts.

  1. ToriC says:

    Wonderful post and great pics! What a fun night?! Now I understand where those faces came from! PS – David left his beer so we are keeping it captive so you two have to come over soon and have a drink around the fire.

  2. mom says:

    knowing our family, the doughnuts won’t make it to the cemetery…we’d eat them out of the coffin and cremate you!

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