Four days into school letting out and I’m already close to jumping off of the Hawthorne bridge… which seems like the preferred dramatic exit here in Portland.  After cleaning my apartment from top to bottom on Monday, I was fresh out of ideas on how to entertain myself and a sense of panic set in.

This morning I woke up at 7:30, went for a run, made breakfast, watched part one of The Bachelorette:  I Miss Bentley and Don’t Give a Shit About Any of You, made lunch, and then sat and stared out the window.  I realized that I had no obligations until dinner.  So, I decided that I would have to find some self-motivation and take myself to a coffee shop and work on some of my curriculum for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  It really pained me to start working on school stuff just four days after school let out.

The coffee shop down the street made me realize something: Portland is FILLED with people who have nothing to do.  At 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, the shop was filled with people leisurely reading novels, meeting friends for coffee, and discussing new tattoo designs with the guy behind the counter.  Nobody seemed to feel guilty about relaxing mid-day or seemingly having no real purpose in life.

Perhaps I should stop worrying about what I am going to do each day and take on a more Portland way of thinking.  If my only objective of the day is to walk down to the coffee shop and write a new blog post while drinking coffee that simulates the experience of a heart attack on my delicate system, so be it!  When in Rome… am I right?

Peace, Love, and Patchouli –

Portland Pollyanna

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One Response to Headline News: NOBODY IN PORTLAND HAS A JOB.

  1. Remco says:

    You know, I would totally blend in currently. I should visit!

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