What I Ate for Dinner.

Answering every mothers’ favorite question:  What did you eat for dinner!?

Taco salad

Make this TONIGHT.


 – Lettuce/salad of your choice (I used romaine lettuce, baby romaine, and baby spinach)

– Taco “meat” (I used tempeh which is a vegetarian source of protein that can be found in any major grocery store.  It comes in block form and can be easily crumbled with your fingers and genuinely resembles and tastes similar to ground beef when seasoned)

– Taco seasoning (I used a package from Trader Joe’s that I like because it does not have any salt in it)

– Corn (I used frozen)

– vegetables of choice (I used shredded carrots)

– salsa

– whole grain tortilla chips

– sour cream and cream cheese (I used non-dairy versions of both)

– cilantro (if you love it as much as I do)


– cook “meat” in a little bit of oil until browned.

– add a little over half of the package of seasoning to the “meat” and then add the corn and a little bit of water.  Mix well while heating through.

– meanwhile, plate your lettuce and prepare your additional veggies if needed.

– cook your “meat”, corn, and seasoning until fully incorporated and hot.

– take 1/4 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup cream cheese and mix together with the remaining taco seasoning.

– Plop the “meat” and corn on top of the salad, put a dollop of the cheese mixture on top and add salsa and cilantro.

– chow down.

This makes two large servings.

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