Look out world…

my Pollyanna Momma is texting now!

Here is her reaction to my inability to post on my blog yesterday:

With that said, I’ll post twice today.

I want to introduce a little game that my students and I sometimes play.  It’s called “guess what’s in the jar” or sometimes bowl.  My students are always intrigued/disgusted by my food choices.  I though I’d invite you all to play along.

What the hell is in this jar?

If you want to play, leave your guess in the comments.  If you’re correct, you will receive an inspirational text from Pollyanna Momma every day for a week!  I can think of no better prize!

Peace, love, and patchouli –

Portland Pollyanna

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6 Responses to Look out world…

  1. Jen B says:

    I really hope that text is really from your mom because it is hilarious!! And I haven’t a clue what’s in the jar- a really runny guacamole?

  2. mom says:

    kale juice

  3. dee says:

    some sort of guac based new age cleanse

  4. mom says:

    When u get to be my age, food will replace sex. In fact, I have a mirror over my kitchen table!

  5. Mom.






  6. Caitlin D. says:


    Kate, I love your mother. Both for the text, as well as the above comment.

    I’m guessing that’s something that came out of your juicer this morning. A green smoothie? (Do I need to get more specific? Because other than kale and/or spinach, the contents are pretty much unidentifiable.)

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