Cinnamon scented non functional cleaning tools

My life is one big justification.  I worked twelve hours today and therefore I can eat a barrel of cookies.  The power was out this morning and therefore I needed a triple tall soy latte from Starbucks.  I work really hard and therefore deserve a cinnamon scented broom.  You heard that right.  Cinnamon.  Scented. Broom.

Think this ^, only MUCH bigger.

Horatio complained that he was out of cinnamon for his oatmeal.  He asked if it would be reasonable to grind up some of my broom.  I didn’t think this was funny.  We mustn’t degrade the cinnamon broom.

As I sit here in the cinnamon scented utopia that is my apartment… wearing my owl pajamas… eating pumpkin ice cream that somehow jumped into my cart this evening… I am content.

Peace, love, patchouli AND cinnamon – Portland Pollyanna



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4 Responses to Cinnamon scented non functional cleaning tools

  1. Leanne says:

    I also just got a cinnamon broom at Blooming Foods. Reminds me of the holidays and covers up cat litter odor. Kinda.

  2. CatsOnPlanes says:

    WHAT? THAT’S AMAZING! i want one. last year, i bought a bag of cinnamon-scented pine cones from Whole Foods – but a broom seems way cooler.

  3. Alane says:

    I’m crazy about cinnamon brooms. I get one every year. Sad. And awesome!

  4. dee says:

    So I just discovered Portland Pollyanna is back…Spent a half hour in my cube at work laughing and catching up. Love those owl PJs….they’ve even been to the mean streets of D.C.!

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