Owls on my pjs.

I really hate dislike Sundays (Horatio is trying to break me of my “I hate” habit).  From the moment that I wake up I am reminded that I have five days of work ahead of me… work that I’m NEVER prepared for no matter how hard I try. Sundays mean scrubbing the toilet, doing the dishes, and confronting the mounds of laundry that could be easily mistaken for another bed in my bedroom.

The only redeeming quality about Sunday is the fact that, if I so desired, I could remain in my owl pajamas for the entire day.  That, my friends, is an amazing thing.

If it were socially acceptable… which it might be here in the fashion faux pas mecca … I would wear my owl pajamas to work every day.  I would wear them to happy hour, parties, and to the opera if I ever were to go.  They are fabulous.  They are cuddly.  They are mine.  You are jealous.

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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