Fall Harvesting

Fall is by far my favorite time of year.  When we were moving here I was deeply concerned that I would no longer have the pleasure of experiencing the fall season.  I was so wrong.  There is for sure a fall season in Portland!  The weather this October has been unbelievable.  The bright leaves have been hanging on the trees for much longer than I’m used to thanks to an overall lack of wind.  Until today, we’ve seen little to no rain and temperatures in the mid 70s.  It’s really been beautiful!

I was concerned that I would not get to carve any pumpkins this year.  Living in a 700 square foot apartment without a balcony makes it hard to justify carving a pumpkin and keeping it around to rot and attract flies.  You could only imagine my excitement when our friends Maura, Sarah, Lindsey, and Tori invited us over to their awesome house for a fall harvest party.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by booze filled apple cider, pumpkin beer, pumpkin cookies smothered in cream cheese frosting, chili, corn bread, homemade cinnamon rolls, baked brie, candles burning bright, a crackling fire, a tarp covered porch, and a pumpkin carving contest.  This is what all fall harvest parties should include.  It was heaven.

Horatio and I got down to business right away.  Is that a ghost at the bottom of the picture!?  Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not with child NOR am I smuggling a pumpkin in my dress.  That dress was pulling away from my body… or maybe it was all of the baked brie….

Such dedication from all parties involved.

Those are my new boots…

The second pumpkin is mine.  It’s a Mount Hood pumpkin… of course.

In the end there was a winner (Caitlin) and a WEINER (Calvin).  Good job guys!

Now go out and enjoy a little fall harvest fun of your own!

Peace, love, and patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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2 Responses to Fall Harvesting

  1. Leanne says:

    Horatio carved a pumpkin?

  2. Tori C says:

    You blogged about our harvest party?! What else have you blogged about…I may stay up until 4 am reading all of your archived posts.

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