The three Ds of Portland

I bet you don’t know the three Ds of Portland.

Drag queens.


Dog shows.

Ok, you might have known the doughnuts part.

While in Portland my friend Kelley experienced all three.

Kelley thinks that this picture makes it look like we’re in love….

Let’s start with the drag queens.  You can judge the quality of a friendship with a friend’s enthusiasm during a drag queen performance.  If you look over and see your friend laughing and clapping along, you have yourself a keeper.

Doughnuts.  I shared my shameful Friday night ritual with Kelley and Horatio.  This not only made me look less pathetic, it justified my obsession with Voodoo Doughnut when Kelley declared it one of the best doughnuts ever.  This time around I tried the Voodoo Doughnut which was a chocolate covered voodoo doll with strawberry jam inside.  It was delicious… in case you were wondering.

Dog shows.  I’ve shared my love for Cannon Beach before, and I’m happy so say my love managed to grow this weekend.  There’s nothing like small town charm, especially when it takes form in a local dog show.  With categories like “so ugly you’re cute” and “fluffiest”, how could I not be wowed?  The most impressive part of the show were the judges.  Miss Cannon Beach was fulfilling her official pageant duties as head judge.  I heard that when pleading with pageant judges to crown her the next Miss Cannon Beach, she emphasized the importance of striving towards world peace and finding the dog with the loudest bark.  This was the “so ugly you’re cute” category.  We couldn’t figure out if the dog that came in third was uglier than the bunch or cuter than the bunch…. discuss.

This dog was embarrassed FOR her…

I think that Kelley enjoyed the Oregon coast.  I knew she would!

I would like to take this time to extend an invitation to Kelley to visit the wonderland that is Portland ANY time.  There will always be a comfy couch at my place with your name on it!  Cheers to a fantastically fun weekend!

Peace, love, and Patchouli – Portland Pollyanna

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